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Why use Argentum Consultants?

“Having the knowledge and services of an experienced Finance Director without the costs involved in employing one full time”

However long your requirement is, you will only pay for the agreed specific assignment. Services provided include:

Business Planning

“Our financial management expertise can assist you in navigating your company’s future with greater assurance and success”

The right business financial planning for you to reach your business objectives is indispensable. The route to success is often via analysis of the facts and figures.

But in practice there is often not enough time for a comprehensive planning process. To help you solve this problem, we are pleased to offer you our experience and specialist expertise in financial planning to assist you in reaching your business goals.

Creation of a financial plan aligned to your business plan
Strategic financial management
Finance function & process review
Financial reporting, steering and controlling

Cash flow and profitability management

“Many years of experience in all areas of finance and accounting make us partners you can rely on, and trust”

Cash flow and profitability management are fundamental tasks for every company. The need for sufficient liquidity is the lifeblood of every business.

Profitability analysis to help drive business performance
Cash flow management and reporting
Analysis and optimisation of debt recovery
Investment appraisal & review

Improving systems and management information reporting

“Our extensive experience can provide recommendations to current systems to improve the business in all areas”

Management information is a must for any business to be able to make valid, conscious decisions to improve the performance of the business.

Reviewing and improving or implementing ERP systems
Setting up and developing an efficient accounting system
Creating management information reports and providing business recommendations
Internal and external reporting

Bank and Investor relationship management

“Our experience of working with banks and investors have equipped us to help companies maintain and gain support”

Few companies are in the fortunate position of not requiring support from their bank or other investors. The maintenance of a good working relationship with the Company’s bank and investors is key to in ensuring such support is retained.

On-going proactive relationship management
Preparation of assistance in delivering presentations
Negotiation of lending arrangements - be it new or the refunding of existing
Guidance and assistance with the stakeholder reporting processes

Aquisitions and disposals

“Acquiring for expansion or the disposal of non-core assets, we provide support throughout the process to achieve a successful outcome”

For many businesses, acquisition and disposal activity can be time-consuming, leaving little time to run the day-to-day activities of the business.

We can provide support to management allowing them to maintain control over the existing business and our experience in M&A activity enables us to advise on behalf of the business ensuring a good price is achieved and returns on investment can be maximised.

Analysis/ preparation of the initial sale prospectus
Completing Financial Due Diligence
Preparation and presentation of financial plans
Liaison with legal professionals and other advisors
Process management and control

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